Kenwood KNB-56N, 1400mAh, 7.2 V, Ni-MH Battery. Fits TK-2140/3140, 2160/3160, 2170/3170, 3173 radios. Replaces KNB-25A and KNB-26N Batteries

Kenwood KNB-56N NMH Rechargeable Battery for TK3360

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The Kenwood KNB 56N is a high quality nickel metal hydride DC 1400mAh cell that is designed to work with the Kenwood TK-2360, TK-3360, NX-220 and NX-320 series radios. This battery works with the Kenwood TK series radio and KSC-25 or KSC-30 Rapid-Rate Charger. Get the best Lithium Ion, get a Kenwood. Kenwood Battery KNB56N is 1400 mAh, NMH rechargeable battery.

Backup rechargeable NMH battery pack for Kenwood 2-way radios. This spare battery keeps 2-way radios operating at peak condition when main battery runs low. Make sure your Kenwood two-way radio is always ready for action with this spare KNB56 battery pack, which steps in should your main battery need recharging.

Compatible with Kenwoods KSC-25 or KSC-30 two-way radio charger. This KNB 56 backup battery is a must for employees who use their two-way radios throughout the day and into the evening, such as staffers at large retail restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and elsewhere.

The battery charges in the same units as the radios in a single session, more than enough for most work shifts. So don't risk running out of juice at the worst possible time and pick up a backup battery today. These are such a low cost, keeping a few spares around make sense today.

  • Improved Low Temperature Performance - now -30 °C to + 60 °C
  • Applicable Chargers - KSC-25 or KSC-30
  • Replaces Previous Batteries - KNB-26N, KNB-25A

Compatible with these Kenwood Models: TK2160, TK2170, TK2360, TK3140, TK3160, TK3170, TK3173, TK3360. Also, NX-220, NX-320, TK-2140, TK-2160, TK-2170, TK-2360, TK-3140, TK-3160, TK-3170, TK-3360

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