New Motorola 2014 Two Way Radio models, the RMx series of 2 Watt Handheld Business Radios

1st Oct 2013

NEW! 2014 Motorola Two Way Radios Are Here

From the front desk of a hotel to the aisles of a grocery store, down to the construction site or in the back of the warehouse... Motorola’s on-site two-way business radios get the job done. Offer your employees the best in two-way communications to help improve productivity and overall efficiency. With a variety of choices designed to meet the needs of your business, Mototorla’s two-way business radios provide performance you can count on.


The CLP1060 ships with a Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece, a portable and convenient earpiece for two-way radio communications. Get your Six Pack today!CLP Series - Tiny, Tiny, Tiny...this one weighs only 2.38 ounces with the battery and is 3.5" x 2.0" x .75 in size. Greet your guests with style and ease, whether in a hotel, restaurant, or high end retail environment with the CLP Series family of two-way radios. The CLP1010 and CLP1040 include comfortable to use wired headsets, the CLP1060 comes with a Motorola Bluetooth headset designed specifically for two way radio use. The sleek, new CLP two-way radio reinvents two-way communications. It starts with a sophisticated design that projects a polished image. Then, it makes the user experience completely comfortable and effortless. It’s a perfect fit for boutique retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments where customer service and image are key. (Note: CLP1060 also pairs with standard / traditional Bluetooth headsets)

Motorola CLS-1410 six pack of two way radios are small, light, and easy to use. This CLS radio is designed specifically for businesses. The CLS1410 offers 4 channels and 1 watt and Vibra Call.CLS Series - Connect your team easily with the CLS Series—a compact, lightweight and affordable on-site communication solution. This one is the work horse of the Motorola line, used by Best Buy, Staples... The CLS series remains unchanged with both the CLS1110 and CLS1410 offering all the great value to the business owner and employee's. Designed with productivity in mind, CLS Series radios and accessories provide a communication solution that is affordable and reliable. These radios are designed for employees and staff to carry and hold all day, yet built to withstand everyday use. Designed for Retail, Hospitality, K-12 & Healthcare.

Motorola DTR-550 Vibra Alert Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios For Small Business. The better a team communicates and stays in touch. Let get some work done!  Professional 8 pack of radios.DTR Series - With greater coverage and longer battery life, Motorola’s DTR Series digital 900MHz radios are the perfect partner for your small business communications. This FCC license FREE radio is great for churches, security, schools and anyone that doesn't want to get involved with FCC licensing process. What makes the DTR410 perfect for your on-site operation? Digital technology. It enables coverage extended by 20%. Up to 45% longer operation on a single charge. And digital audio quality—which stays loud and clear everywhere you have coverage. The DTR550 even vibrates. Each unit has its own unique 11-digit identification, bringing you new group calling options: Digital one-to-many and Digital one-to-one calling. DTR Series designed for Retail, Hospitality, K-12 & Healthcare and light Construction / Industrial.

Customer loyalty and repeat business are the keys to success. RDU-4100 Series radios provide the communication tool to help operations runsmoothly. Get a Six Pack today!RDx Series - Exceptional audio and a rugged design, these high power RDx series radios stand up to harsh job-site conditions common on the construction site, manufacturing floor, retail warehouse or school cafeteria. The 4 Watt and 5 Watt radios remained unchanged - RDU4100, RDU4160, RDV5100. The two watt models: RDU2020, RDU2080d, RDV2020, RDV2080d, RDM2020, RDM2080d have been discontinued as of 12/31/13. The 2 Watt RDX Series radios provide coverage of up to 250,000 sq. ft., 20 floors—4/5 Watt models cover up to 350,000 sq. ft., 30 floors. Rugged and Water Resistant: Durable metal diecast chassis helps radios hold up under demanding conditions. The RDX Series meets Military 810 C, D, E, F and IP54/55 specifications for shock, rain, humidity, salt fog, vibration, sand, dust, temperature shock, and high and low temperatures. RDX Series radios are tested to IP54/55 standards—highly demanding tests for water and dust resistance. The IP54/55 tests include subjecting the radio to a high-speed, high-volume shower from all directions for three minutes. (Note: See new RM series for 2 Watt radio replacements)

Six Pack of Motorola RMU2040 On-Site Two-Way Business Radios 2-4 channels, 2 watt, UHF radio that operates on 89 UHF business exclusive frequencies. Features customized channel announcement.RMx Series - New for 2014 - Business smart features such as NOAA Weather Alerts and Channel Aliasing with Announcements make the RM Series a powerful solution that is built tough to do business better. The RM Series are the newest radios from Motorola that replace the RDx 2W radios. The RM series radios are built tough to do business better. They offer a similar feature set to the RDx series radios allowing for an easy migration. They also feature new and enhanced features such as Customized Channel Announcement and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Alerts on select models, along with a lightweight swivel carry holder, for flexible and comfortable wearing. (Note: RM series radios use the same standard 2-Pin headset accessories as the RDx series. RM series radios Do Not use the same batteries, chargers & cases as the RDx series)

RMM2050 - 5 channels, 2 watt, MURS radio that is FCC license free. Features customized channel announcement and much more.

RMU2040 - 2 or 4 channels, 2 watt, UHF radio that operates on 89 UHF business exclusive frequencies. Features customized channel announcement.

RMU2080 - 8-channel, 2 watt, UHF radio that operates on 89 UHF business-exclusive frequencies. Features customized channel announcements and NOAA weather alerts.

RMU2080d - 8-channel, 2 watt, UHF radio with alphanumeric display operates on 89 UHF business-exclusive frequencies. Features customized channel announcements and NOAA weather alerts.

RMV2080 - 8-channel, 2 watt, VHF radio that operates on 27 VHF business-exclusive frequencies. Features customized channel announcements and NOAA weather alerts.