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We routinely offer discounts on the following brands:

Motorola    Kenwood    Hytera   Blackbox    iCom    Phones




* Until December 31, 2017 - Buy 6 Business Radios, Get a FREE Multi-unit charger and a prepaid card. See Details here.

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Until December 31, 2017 Get One (1) free radio for every six (6) qualifying radios purchased of the same model up to sixty (60) radios.

* Qualifying Radios: PKT-23K, TK-2400V4P, TK-3400U4P, TK-2400V16P, TK-3400U16P, TK-2402V16P, TK-3402U16P. See Details Here

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Until December 31, 2017 Buy six radios and get 1 Free INSTANTLY + Free Multi-Charger (Kenwood Rebate).

* Qualifying Radios: TK-3230DX, NX-240V16P2, NX-340U16P2, NX-240V16P, NX340U16P.  See Details Here

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There are currently no deals for Hytera products.

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There are currently no deals for Blackbox products.

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There are currently no deals for iCom products.

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We are currently giving away a free Cat 10K mAh PowerBank with every Cat S60 phone purchase, a $65 dollar value. Please see the Cat S60 phone page here for more details.

Also, Until September 30 2017, Get a free $50 PrePaid Visa card with every Cat S60 Phone purchase. Click here for more info.

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Previous Deals:

Kenwood - Expired Sept 30 2017.