Restaurant Radios

A restaurant can be a hectic environment, but two-way radios can relieve some of the stress a busy restaurant can have. Walkie talkies can help managers communicate with all of their employees from their chefs to bartenders and hosts to waiters. Managers can use two-way radios to help make things run more efficiently and smoothly during a rush. Below are a select group of walkie talkies that have been successfully used in a variety of restaurant environments to help bolster communication.

    Generally we will recommend the Motorola CLP series — a 1 watt radio perfect for nearly any size restaurant — because of its size, shape and design. A large push to talk button allows you to easily mash it to open up the line of communication whenever you need to chat. It also comes with a headset in the box, so no need to worry about extra accessories.

    If the CLP is a little out of your price range, the Kenwood PKT23 is another great option. Sitting at about the same size as the CLP, although not the same shape, the PKT23 has 1.5 watts of power and can easily be paired with a variety of headsets.

    Additionally, the Kenwood TK3230DX and Motorola CLS series are a couple of other popular radios used in restaurants

    Many people also like to pair their set of the Motorola CLP radios with a CLS series walkie talkie for a front, or back office attendant to use — because they do not need a headset to function, like the CLP does.