Farming Radios

Farms can range from just a few acres to a massive plot of land, and farmers know the difficulties of being able to communicate with their employees and those who work on the farm with them - that's why many use two-way radios to communicate during the day. Walkie talkies are a great way for farmers to convey a message to anyone they need across a vast plot of land, and to make sure everything is running smoothly during day to day operations. Being able to consistently and seamlessly communicate with everyone on a farm can reduce wasted time and save money.

Listed here are a handful of radios that are both low and high powered, UHF, robust and durable radios for farms. If you're working outside on a smaller plot of land, we recommend going with a 2 watt radio - either the Motorola RMU2040 or Kenwood TK3400. If you want more clear and consistent coverage on a larger one, we would recommend a 4 or 5 watt radio - the Motorola RDU4100, the Icom IC-F4001, the Blackbox Bantam UHF, or the Kenwood TK3402. Although they are not name brand, both Icom and Blackbox make a fantastic product comparable to Motorola and Kenwood - and they are fantastic on a smaller budget.