Hospitality Radios

Hotels can be a lot to manage. You need to manage guest relations, housekeeping, security, maintenance, and a variety of other groups. The best way to do so is with instantaneous communication like through a two-way radio

Walkie talkies can be a major asset to hotel and hospitality management. Instead of having to pick up a phone, dial a number, and hopefully have the person you’re trying to reach respond after a few rings, you can just pick up a radio, press a button and be talking to them instantly!

Depending on the size of the hotel, we recommend a few different radios.

For a smaller boutique hotel, we recommend either a 2-watt UHF radio like the Motorola RMU2040, or even a 1-watt purely digital radio like the Motorola DLR1020.

For larger establishments with multiple floors and multiple buildings, we recommend either a 4-watt UHF like the Blackbox Bantam, or Motorola RDU4100 — or a Digital/Analog like the Blackbox GO!, Kenwood NX-P1300NUK, or Motorola CP100D. Digital/analogs combine the best of both worlds. You get a high-powered UHF radio that can carry quite a distance in signal, but with superior audio quality and less of a chance for dead spots.

For discreet earpieces for hotel staff to use, we recommend using a surveillance style earpiece like the Motorola HKLN4601 for Motorola 2-pin radios, the Star Surveillance headset for Blackbox Radios, and the LMC-1AT will also fit any radio we carry provided the correct part number is chosen.