Film Set Walkie Talkies

Production crews run into various issues all day, every day — that’s why having clear, consistent communication is key to making any crew run smoothly. Two-way radios are a great way for production teams to communicate quickly, efficiently, and effectively without wasting time.

Depending on the situation, a variety of production walkie talkies can be used. For any radio, especially on larger productions, it’s useful to get a multi-channel radio to be able to break off into groups like production, maintenance, sound, audio/visual, crew, etc.

Our first recommendation for a film set or concert crew would be either of the Motorola digital radios listed below. Both the DLR and DTR series are going to get you the most consistent and clear communication with the least amount of dead spots in nearly any situation. If you’re looking for longer range, go with the DTR600 because the antenna length will boost communications further than the small DLR series would.

For something more powerful than digital radio, we recommend a high powered (4-5 watt) UHF — the Motorola RDU4100. Having a higher powered radio will also reduce dead spots and allow you clearer communication.

Our last recommendation would be the Kenwood NX-P500. This NX-P500 is a 2-watt digital/analog hybrid walkie talkie and is perfect for a smaller production.