Warehouse Radios

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are often quite large places and it’s easy to not know where employees and staff have run off to. Walkie Talkies are a great way for managers and foremen to keep track of employees and create a more efficient work environment. Two way radios are also helpful in crisis situations and can help make the workplace safer. Listed here are a variety of two-way walkie talkies that are useful in warehouse environments.

    Our first recommendation for a school would be either of the Motorola digital radios listed below. Both the DLR and DTR series are going to get you the most consistent and clear communication with the least amount of dead spots in nearly any facility. If you’re looking for more range for a larger campus, go with the DTR550 because the antenna length will boost communications further than the small DLR series would.

    Besides a digital radio, we would also recommend a high powered (4-5 watt) UHF — the Motorola RDU4100. Having a higher powered radio will also reduce dead spots and allow you clearer communication.

    Our last recommendation would be the brand new Kenwood NX-P500. This NX-P500 is a 2-watt digital/analog hybrid walkie talkie and would be perfect for a smaller facility.