Hospital Radios

Clear communication in a hospital can sometimes mean life or death, or just allow a medical facility to function more efficiently. That’s why many hospitals and medical practices choose two-way radios to improve communication. Instead of picking up a phone and dialing a number to maybe reach someone, hospital walkie talkies can be a great way to instantly communicate with staff across a facility. Below are some recommendations we often make to a variety of medical facilities and hospitals.
Our first recommendation would be the Motorola CLP series. These are a small, 1-watt, two-way radio that should be able to cover a single floor facility up to about 200,000 sq ft. Their oval shape design is unique and sleek — and they don’t make it feel like you’re using a two way communication radio. We have a 1 channel version, the CLP1010, a 4 channel version, the CLP1040, and a 6 channel version with a bluetooth earpiece, the CLP1060. The CLP series all come with earpieces in the box, so no need to purchase any extra accessories.
Another recommendation would be a digital radio like the Motorola DLR1020 or 1060. This is a completely digital (900 mhz frequency range) radio that can be made completely private through a pin number. The DLR1020 is a 2 channel radio and the DLR1060 is a six-channel radio. This radio is also unique because its digital signal is made to penetrate through any type of interference, leaving it with some of the most clear and reliable communication.

Additionally, the Kenwood TK3230DX and Motorola CLS series are a couple of other popular radios used in hospitals/medical facilities.