Golf Course Radios

Golf course owners and managers know that each course has its own particular set of problems and challenges that are dealt with on a daily basis. Those challenges range from managing the pro-shop and restaurant side of things, to operating the sprinkler systems and making sure players keep up with the pace of play — and everything in between. Because each course is unique, we recommend a variety of different two way radios for golf courses to manage daily operations.

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Operations:(Course management)

Our first recommendation is the Motorola CP100D with keypad. This is an introduction radio to the MOTOTRBO line of radios and will cover your course for any communication needs. It will cover nearly any size course, it can operate your RainBird sprinkler system, and help managers in nearly any aspect of managing a course. This 5 watt Digital/UHF future-proofs your course for the foreseeable future’s communication needs.

Our second recommendation for operations is the 4 watt analog Motorola RDU4100. This radio is perfect for simple communication around smaller 9-18 hole courses and should close the gap for nearly any communication hazard.

For much smaller (9 hole only) courses, you might not need the power of a 4-5 watt UHF or Digital radio, so we then recommend either the 2 watt, 4-channel RMU2040; or 2 watt, 8-channel RMU2080.

Retail: (Bar/Grill, Pro-Shop management)

Bar and grill, and pro-shop management has its own unique set of issues as well — making sure customers are happy with the food, drinks, or the service in the pro-shop — each presenting their own challenges.

First we recommend the Motorola CLS1410. This 1 watt, 4-channel walkie talkie ( or CLS1110, 1-watt, 1 channel radio) is compatible with any UHF radio including the digital CP100D (when used on analog only frequencies.) This small-in-size two-way is great to communicate among staff working the kitchen, servers taking orders, and pro-shop attendants to radio down to get clubs brought up or delivered back to their homes in storage.

The second radio we recommend for clear, crisp communication — when not needed to communicate with course management — is the Motorola DLR series radio, which comes in either the 2-channel DLR1020 or 6-channel DLR1060. This 1-watt purely digital (900mhz) walkie talkie will cover nearly any situation in the retail side of a course. The radios are license free, can be made completely private, and are a phenomenal addition to any course for consistent communication in retail operations.

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