This BlackBox PLUS Six Pack of UHF radio operates on UHF frequencies. It can be programmed for frequencies in the range of 450 Mhz to 470 Mhz. Two way radios operating on UHF frequencies perform best inside steel or concrete structures.

Blackbox Plus Six Pack of UHF Handheld 16 CH 2-Way Radios

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The BlackBox Plus radio offers a full 4 watts of transmit power and support for 16 channels. Channel scan and monitor functions are also supported. The VOX feature allow for Voice Activated compatible headsets to be used with the Black Box + radio. Compare this to the Kenwood TK3300 series or the Motorola RDU models.
PC Programming is available with an Optional Blackbox Plus Programming Cable.  To download the Windows based programming software and learn more about programming the radios, follow this link. To download software enter the username "blackbox1" and the password "Radio1", it is case sensitive so use a capital R. 
The Blackbox Plus uses a M1 style Motorola 2-pin connector. Blackbox includes a Free screw-down Aluminum clamp to keep the connector in place.
  • IP54 (Water Resistant)
  • 3 Year Warranty 
  • 4 Watt, UHF 
  • 16 Channel with Scan 
  • 2-Tone Encode/Decode 
  • VOX (Voice activated) 
  • Voice Enunciation for each channel  – when changing channels you are notified verbally through your headset
  • Programmable Button (VOX, Announce Battery Power, or Emergency Alert) 
  • Busy Channel Lockout 
  • All-Metal Chassis Time-out Timer (TOT) 
  • Low Battery Enunciation – Verbal notification when your battery is getting low and needs to be recharged
  • Priority Scan 
  • 50 CTCSS, 104 CDCSS 
  • 1300 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Audio Connector: Blackbox+ Radio uses a M1 Motorola 2-pin connector

What's in the Box:

  • Black Box+ UHF Radio x 6
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack x 6
  • Fast Rate Drop-In Charger x 6
  • Belt Clip x 6
  • Accessory Clamp x 6
  • Owner's Manual x 6

NOTE: The PLUS comes in two versions "Default" (see images above for list of frequencies) or "Custom" (we put your repeater or custom frequencies in the unit). Please call with any questions.

*Maximum range can only be achieved over water or open rural areas under optimum conditions. FCC license required, form 601 and instructions are located on their website. Before filling out form 601 you must select which frequency your company will operate on. Available frequencies can be found in the owner's manual. Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


Klein Warranty and Return Policy

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Warranty Time Periods:

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Non-Warranty Repairs

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Klein Electronics Inc., standard repair cost for a BLACKBOX Radio $60.00 per unit. This does not apply to water-damaged units. If a water-damaged unit is deemed repairable, the fee may be up to $85.00 per unit. If repair fees exceed $85.00 the customer will be notified with details. Customers will pay all shipping to and from Klein Electronic Inc., The cost of the non-warranty repair will require payment in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express or COD. Customers with open account status may be billed directly, if a purchase order for the repairs and shipping is issued to Klein Electronics Inc., If the customer does not approve the repairs through issuing a purchase order, the customer will be responsible for paying the freight charges to ship the product back.

Klein Electronics Inc., standard repair cost for a 6-SHOT is between $85.00 and $115.00 per unit depending on the condition of the unit. This does not apply to water-damaged 6-SHOT in which the circuit board is not repairable. Opening the housing on a 6-Shot Charging unit will automatically void your 1-year warranty, and will incur the repair charge listed above for any repairs.

A Non-Warranty Repair Authorization must be filled-out and submitted to receive a RMA number (see page 4). Klein Electronics Inc., warrantees all repairs performed to radios for a period of 90 days from the date of repair.


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Return Shipping Guidelines

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