Two Way Radio & Battery Charger Desktop Organizer Station. With the Klein 12-gauge there is no need to purchase pods.  You can mix various radios on one charger stand plus it charge radios with other electronics.

Klein 12-Gauge Multi Unit Rapid Charger

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The Klein 12-Gauge Charging Station organizes up to 12 of your existing radio & equipment chargers mixed & matched into a single neat, organized charging base.  
This model works with Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex, BlackBox, Icom and more.  The 120V AC power allows you to plug your chargers in and a single power cord plugs easily into a standard electrical outlet.   It is a simple way to keep the station looking neat and organized and without tying up multiple receptacles in the process.   
Easy-Swap™ Interchangeable Pods. Available for All Popular Radio & Battery Models.
  • Rapid Charger.
  • Dimensions= 17" wide x 10" deep x 5.5" high
  • UL Listed for Safety. Single Plug for Convenience.
  • Includes your choice of 12 Pods.
  • Power supply and charger cord included.

12-Gauge Users Manual

Pods are available for the following radios, when ordering please include the type of radio you want to use this with. Please call if you have any questions.
-Blackbox: GO! Digital/Analog 2-Way Radio
-Blackbox: ZONE VHF/UHF and ZONE KP-U radios
-Blackbox: Bantam radios
-Blackbox: Blackbox+ series VHF/UHF radios
-Blackbox: Blackbox VHF/UHF radios
-Vertex: EVX530 series, UNI Style Batteries for VX410/420 series, VXP820/VXP920 series, VX350 series, VX231 series, VX450 series radio
-Vertex: VX450 series radio, (Non-UNI Style Battery)
-Vertex: VX350/330/331, VX230 Series radio, (Non-UNI Style Battery)
-Vertex: VX131/132/160/150/180/210/400/410/417/800 radio, (Non-UNI Style Battery)
-Vertex: VX820/821/824/920/921/924 radio, (Non-UNI Style Battery)
-Kenwood: TK2140/2160/2170/2360/3140/3160/3170/3173/3360, NX220/320 radio
-Kenwood: TK2200, TK3200 (now fits KNB45L battery), TK3200L, TK2300, TK3300, TK2212, TK3212, NX340U, NX240, NX340 radio
-Kenwood/Relm: Relm RP16/RP99 Plus series, RPV3000/3600 radios.
-Kenwood TK190/260/270/280/290/360/370/380/390/ 480/481/2100/3100 radio
-Kenwood: TK3180, TK2180, TK5410, TK5310, TK5210, NX200, NX210, NX300, NX5400, NX5200 radio
-HYT: TC320 radio
-HYT: TC518, TC508 radio
-HYT: TC600 radio
-HYT: TC610, TC610P radio
-HYT: TC700/780 radio
-HYT: TC980 radio
-HYT: TC3000/3600 radio
-HYT: X1e radio
-HYT: PD702, PD782, PD502, PD602, PD562 radio
-Icom: F3400/4400, F7010/7020, F52D/62D radio
-Icom: F70, F70DS/DT, F70S/T, F80, F80DS/DT, F80S/T, F9011, F9021
-Icom: IC- F1000/F2000 radio for BP-278/279 BP-278 and BP-279 Li-ion batteries
-Icom: F3001/F4001 radio (for NI-CD, NI-MH battery only)
-Icom: F3001/F4001 radio (for Li-ion battery only)
-Icom: F3, F4, F3S, F4S, IC-T2A radio
-Icom: F14, F24, F33GT, F43GT, F43GS, F33, F44, F3161, F4161, F3161DT, F3021T, F3021S, F4021T, F4021S, F3011, F4011 radio
-Icom: F50, F60, M88 radio
-Icom: F3GT, F4GT, F30, F40, F30GS, F40GS, F21S radio
-Maxon: SL100, SP200 radio
-Maxon: SP120, SP130, SL25, SL55 radio
-Motorola: APX6000/7000 series radio
-Motorola: CP100, XTN Series, XU/XV2600 radio
-Motorola: Visar Series radio
-Motorola: TRBO, XPR3500/3300 series, XPR6000/7000 series, APX4000/1000 radio
-Motorola: Saber Series, MX1000 radio
-Motorola: MAGONE (BPR40), Bearcom BC130 radio
-Motorola: CT250 radio
-Motorola: CP185 radio
-Motorola: CP125, GP2000, PRO2150, Bearcom BC120 radio
-Motorola: CP200/150/040, EP450, PR400 radio
-Motorola: GP300/350, P1225, P110 radio
-Motorola: HT1000, MTS2000, GP900 radio
-Motorola: HT750, HT1550, HT1250, GP320, GP328, GP360, EX500, EX600, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860 radio
-Motorola: XTS3000 (compatible with EF Johnson VP600/900 radio), XTS5000, XTS2500 radio


Klein Warranty and Return Policy

Please visit for up to date Klein warranty information.

Klein Electronics, Inc., warrants all products against manufacturer's defects as long as the product is still under warranty. The forgoing warranty is limited and is not applicable to: (i) normal wear and tear; (ii) defects or damage caused by misuse, accident (including without limitation collision, fire and the spillage of food or liquid), neglect, abuse, alteration, unusual stress, modification, improper or unauthorized repair, installation, alteration, wiring, or testing, improper storage, use in an unapproved device or if the serial number has been removed; (iii) use not in accordance with the documentation; and (iv) damage caused by the equipment with which the product is used. Visible physical damage invalidates warranty. Incomplete product kits will not be accepted for replacement or repair. Example: An earpiece that should include an audio tube.

Shipment errors must be reported within 3 days of receipt of goods in order to get replacements.

Klein Electronics Inc., does not accept returns on custom orders. All custom orders are final.

Call our RMA Department at 800.959.2899 x 26 to obtain a "return merchandise authorization" form; you will need to have a copy of the original invoice for the product as well as know the details for the reason why the product is being returned. We reserve the right to repair or replace all warranty items at our discretion.

Warranty Time Periods:

Misc. Parts: Mushroom-Eartip, Pinkies, Comforteartips, Klex, Ktube, Foam Listen Only Earpiece, Foam Earbud Cover, Foam Mic. Sock, Clothing Clip, Acoustic Adaptor, K-Hook, Headset Cloth Cover, Headset Earpad have No Warranty.

Blucomm products, Blackbox 1100 mAh & 1350 mAh Batteries, Blackbox and Blackbox+ Programming Cables have a 6 Month Warranty.

Blackbox Radios, 6-Shots, 1-Shots, Fuelpad, Modular Items, Titan, Comet, Pro-Cable, K-Cords, Sentry, Stealth, Signal, Star, Squadcom, CrewChief, Commander, Agent, Bodyguard, Flare, Radio Adaptors, Shadow, Shadow-Pro, Scorpion, Loud-N-Clear Shield, Voyager, Razor, Rocketmate, Ridercomm, Bullcords, Race Car Harness Kits, RocketScience Cellular Batteries, Blackbox+ 1300 mAh and 2200 mAh Batteries have a 1 year warranty.

Blackbox+ Radios, Blackbox-Mobile, Director, Patriot, Veteran products have a 2 year warranty.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Klein Electronics Inc., standard labor rate is $60.00 an hour with a minimum requirement of thirty minutes. The cost of parts varies and is in addition to the labor charges. Radio Programming fees are set at $5.00 per unit. All goods repaired will require a signature for authorization to do the labor.
Klein Electronics Inc., standard repair cost for a BLACKBOX Radio $60.00 per unit. This does not apply to water-damaged units. If a water-damaged unit is deemed repairable, the fee may be up to $85.00 per unit. If repair fees exceed $85.00 the customer will be notified with details. Customers will pay all shipping to and from Klein Electronic Inc., The cost of the non-warranty repair will require payment in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express or COD. Customers with open account status may be billed directly, if a purchase order for the repairs and shipping is issued to Klein Electronics Inc., If the customer does not approve the repairs through issuing a purchase order, the customer will be responsible for paying the freight charges to ship the product back.

Klein Electronics Inc., standard repair cost for a 6-SHOT is between $85.00 and $115.00 per unit depending on the condition of the unit. This does not apply to water-damaged 6-SHOT in which the circuit board is not repairable. Opening the housing on a 6-Shot Charging unit will automatically void your 1-year warranty, and will incur the repair charge listed above for any repairs.

A Non-Warranty Repair Authorization must be filled-out and submitted to receive a RMA number (see page 4). Klein Electronics Inc., warrantees all repairs performed to radios for a period of 90 days from the date of repair.


Items returned that are deemed "non manufacturers defect," have the date code missing, or are not within the proper warranty time-period may be repaired with a labor fee at the sole discretion of Klein Electronics, Inc. Items deemed "RTC" are not covered under Klein Electronics Inc., warranty policy and the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs to return the products back to the customer. If the customer does not want to receive the RTC items and pay the shipping costs, Klein Electronics, Inc. will dispose of the products.

By returning a product for repair, the owner grants Klein Electronics Inc., permission to open and disassemble the product as required for evaluation. In all cases, Klein Electronics Inc., has sole responsibility for determining the cause and nature of failure, and Klein Electronics Inc.'s, determination with regard thereto shall be final. If a BlackBox radio is opened and evaluated with no fault found, a $25.00 fee applies for reassembling of the radio.

Return Shipping Guidelines

A copy of the RMA authorization form must be included in the box. The RMA number must be written on the outside of the box. Returns without a RMA number on the box or without proper documentation will not be processed and may be refused.

Each item must be clearly labeled with what is wrong with it; this will insure we fix the item appropriately. If items are not clearly labeled, we reserve the right to not test the items and the customer will be responsible for labor charges or freight charges to send the items back in order to have them properly labeled.

We suggest shipping products through FedEx or other service that allows packages to be tracked. Klein Electronics, Inc. is not responsible for lost/damaged packages.

Items should be returned to: Klein Electronics, Inc. - ATTN: Warranty Department - 349 N Vinewood Street -Escondido -CA- 92029

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