Now each employee can use there own personal bluetooth headset to talk on their two way radio. The Pryme BT500M11 will work with most bluetooth headsets.

PRYME BLU BT-500-M11 Motorola TRBO XPR3XXX Bluetooth Adapter-V2

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The PrymeBLU Adapter BT-500-M11 allows you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with your two-way radio. The PrymeBLU Adapter is compatible with thousands of off the shelf consumer audio accessories and pairs easily, allowing you to operate wirelessly. If you have a Dual Sync Bluetooth headset (we sell them - hint hint) you can pair your Motorola two way radio and your cell phone with same headset so you will never miss a call or a broadcast again... the ultimate in multitasking.

The Talk button on the PrymeBLU Adapter will function as a Push-to-Talk button for your two-way radio once a wireless audio accessory is successfully paired to the adapter. The PrymeBLU Adapter is supplied with a rubber Friction Pad. This pad provides additional protection and stability when using the Velcro Fastener to attach the adapter to a radio or other location.

The BT500-M11 PrymeBLU Adapter is powered by the radio. The Multifunction Talk Switch Used to place the PrymeBLU Adapter in pairing mode. Once paired with an audio accessory, this switch is used to activate the Push-To-Talk function of the two-way radio. A Velcro Fastener is Used to attach the PrymeBLU adapter to the two-way radio or to the user’s belt or lapel. The LED flashes messages that let the user know the current status of the PrymeBLU Adapter.

Once your PrymeBLU Adapter and wireless Bluetooth headset have been paired together you will be able to monitor received signals that will be heard over your Bluetooth headset’s speaker. When transmitting, the operator’s voice is picked-up by the microphone in the Bluetooth headset. The Push-to-Talk can be activated by pressing and holding the Talk button on the PrymeBLU Adapter or by using an optional PrymeBLU Wireless Bluetooth PTT (model BT-PTT, sold separately).

• Allows uses of Bluetooth wireless audio accessory with your two-way radio.
• Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. 
• Easy pairing process. Store paired connections to the wireless headsets even if the powered off or removed from the two-way radio.
• RX and TX audio is automatically routed to the two-way radio or the appropriate wireless audio accessory depending on what accessories are connected to the PrymeBLU adapter.
• Status LED indicates connection to a compatible wireless accessory.
• Maximum Range Approximately 10 meters (33 feet)
• Bluetooth Version 2.1 (can pair multiple devices - depending on your headset).
• Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth Audio Accessories with version 1.1 or higher.
• Operating Temperature Range -20C to 75C
• Storage Temperature Range -40C to 150C
• A simple pin model that has an internal Li-Ion battery pack and must be recharged between uses.
• Allows you to use a wireless Bluetooth headset with your two-way radio in place of a speaker microphone or wired audio accessory.


MotoTRBO XPX3300 and XPR3500 series radios


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DISCLAIMER: The Bluetooth wireless link used by PRYME BLU products is an open standard, unsecured technology. As such, it is not recommended for first-responder or other mission critical users.
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    bt-500-m11 kenwood radio bluetooth adapter

    Posted by TONY WANDRIE on 10th Sep 2020

    It works as advertised, and I am very happy with the product.
    the device gets it's power from the walkie talkie/radio itself and pairs with a BT earpiece.
    I am able to listen now hands free, and no noise to outside world. and I can hear the radio transmissions around loud machinery now.
    I am very satisfied. thank you HQ98!!!
    (plus the price was lower than anyone else's, even lower than the manufacturer.

    Thank you!!!