Tell your Members of Congress How New Internet Taxes Will Impact You - Join with us and eBay

25th Apr 2013

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Tell your Members of Congress How New Internet Taxes Will Impact You


On March 22, the U.S. Congress supported legislation that could fast-track future passage of an Internet sales tax bill. Unfortunately, the debate did not highlight the impact of this proposal on consumers like you who shop with small businesses online to get great choices and value.

An Internet Sales Tax bill could greatly reduce selection and competitive prices by putting new tax burdens on small businesses. The bills proposed require very small businesses that use the Internet to collect sales taxes from out-of-state customers, increasing their cost of doing business and reducing their ability to compete with giant retail chains.

Very small businesses, often with only a handful of employees, could actually be threatened and sued by out-of-state tax collectors, even from states thousands of miles away. All of these new costs may not only harm small businesses that use the Internet, but could also harm shoppers like you by reducing competition and choice.

Now is the time to speak up if you think new sales tax burdens on the Internet are a bad idea. Join eBay Inc. and your fellow Internet shoppers in this effort and contact your Members of Congress to let them know how this legislation will affect you.

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Video: Senator Shaheen (D-NH) Speaks Out Against Internet Sales Taxes

Taking more money from Americans is no way to do business - An ill-advised Internet tax mandate says the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is supposed to oppose tax increases and burdensome, unnecessary government regulations. But sometimes, they lose their way. The most recent example is support by some Republicans for the misnamed Marketplace Fairness Act, which should really be called the Internet Tax Mandate. This mandate is nothing more than a huge tax increase on the American people backed by lobbyists and some state governments. I must admit, I am disappointed that some in my party are backing this ill-advised bill says Sentor Rand Paul.

The Internet Tax Mandate would allow states to force private companies to impose a sales tax on online purchases. Rather than reform and prioritize their state budgets, governors are looking to the federal government to take more money out of the wallets of their state’s hardworking citizens. Americans are already struggling as a result of higher federal taxes, but some seek to soak the taxpayer at the state level as well.

Even worse, state politicians are already fantasizing about all the new spending programs they can create using these additional taxpayer dollars. The last thing we need is more taxes for the purpose of implementing more government.

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