Pryme Blu BT-M33 - Motorola - Uses OEM rear accessory connector for these models: CDM Series, CM Series, GM Series, GR series, M Series, MAXTRAC Series, PM Series, SM Series and this one also fits the Prymeblu BT-M83 - Motorola - for these models: XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4380, XPR4500, XPR4550, XPR4580, XPR5350, XPR5550, XPR8300

PRYMEBLU Bluetooth Adapter for Mobile Two-Way Radios

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BONUS: Includes Wired Foot PTT Switch ($10 Value)

The PrymeBLU® Adapter allows you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with a MOBILE two-way radio. These Adapters allow you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with a MOBILE two-way radio. Now improved, these adapters get power from the radio and now provide both Transmit and Receive Audio.

The adapter's interface cable plugs directly into either the microphone jack on the front of your radio or the accessory connector on the rear of the radio (depending on radio model). The BT-Mobile works with thousands of off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets or our specialty headsets (not included). Replace that old fashion speaker mic and start using your dual sync Bluetooth headset for both your two way mobile and your cell phone. (Bluetooth headset must be dual sync).

  • Radio Connector connects the adapter to the MIC Jack on the front of the mobile two-way radio.

  • Status LED - The LED ashes messages that let the user know the current status of the PRYMEBLU Adapter.

  • Multifunction Talk Switch - This button is used to place the PRYMEBLU Mobile Adapter in pairing mode. It can also be used to activate the Push-To-Talk function of the two-way radio.

  • Power Plug - The body of the adapter plugs into a common vehicle cigarette lighter plug.

  • Allows you to use a Bluetooth headset to transmit over your mobile 2-way radio (receive audio is heard over the mobile's radio speaker)

  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets (not included)

  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the Radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the 2-way radio.

  • No time delay on Transmit Audio messages.

  • Powered by the automobile using a Car Power Plug

  • Compatible with a wide range of different mobile radios. Simply choose the correct model adapter for your radio.


BT-M00J - Icom - Uses both RJ45 (Mic Jack) plus rear speaker jack,  the radio's hand microphone must be removed.

IC-F110, IC-F110S, IC-F111, IC-F111S, IC-F121, IC-F121S, IC-F1610, IC-F1710, IC-F1721, IC-F1721D, IC-F1810, IC-F1821, IC-F1821D, IC-F210, IC-F210S, IC-F211, IC-F211S, IC-F221, IC-F221S, IC-F2610, IC-F2710, IC-F2721, IC-F2721D, IC-F2810, IC-F2821, IC-F2821D, IC-F320, IC-F320S, IC-F410S, IC-F420, IC-F420S, IC-F5011, IC-F5021,IC-F5022, IC-F5061, IC-F5062, IC-F510, IC-F5121D, IC-F521, IC-F6011, IC-F6021, IC-F6022, IC-F6061, IC-F6062, IC-F610, IC-F6121D, IC-F621, IC-F621TR, IC-F9511, IC-F9521

BT-M01J - Kenwood - Uses both RJ45 (Mic Jack) plus rear speaker jack,  the radio's hand microphone must be removed.

TM-271, TK-762, TK-862, TK-7160, TK-8160, TK-7162, TK-8162, TK-7180, TK-8180, TK-7189, TK-8189, TKR-750, TKR-850, TK-768G, TK-868G, TK-760, TK-860, TK-780, TK-880, TK-7102, TK-8102

BT-M31 -  Kenwood - Uses DB25 rear accessory connector

TK-7180, TK-8180, TK-7189, TK-8189, NX-700, NX-800, NX-900, NX-901

BT-M55 -  Hytera - Uses DB26 rear accessory connector

MD78X, MD78G

BT-M33 - Motorola - Uses OEM rear accessory connector

CDM Series, CM Series, GM Series, GR series, M Series, MAXTRAC Series, PM Series, SM Series

BT-M43 - Motorola - Uses OEM rear accessory connector

XTL1500, XTL2500, XTL5000

BT-M83 - Motorola - Uses OEM rear accessory connector

XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4380, XPR4500, XPR4550, XPR4580, XPR5350, XPR5550, XPR8300

BT-M02 - Vertex - Uses DB15 rear accessory connector

VX-2100, VX-2200, VX-4100, VX-4200, VX-4500, VX-4600

BT-M12 - Vertex - Uses DB25 rear accessory connector

VX-4000, VX-5500, VX-6000



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